Algoma Crown Land Trip

Algoma Crown Land Trip

When you own a Jeep Wrangler, there are many things for which you can use it. This article and this video will show how you can use your Jeep for an Algoma Crown land trip. Such a trip to the beautiful Algoma region will provide opportunities to drive on logging roads, camp, canoe and fly fish. Of course this isn’t an exclusive list of things you can do with your Jeep Wrangler, but it is a good example of some fun you can have enjoying your jeep without spending too much money.

The Algoma Region

The Algoma region in Northern Ontario has many sites and attractions for interested visitors, as can be seen on this Algoma Tourism website. For the scope of this trip, some available Crown land with logging roads leading to excellent camping,canoeing and fly fishing opportunities will be featured for this Algoma Crown land trip.

Logging Roads

An Algoma Crown land trip would inevitably involve the use of the many logging roads in the region. Although the roads may not be as tricky as some dedicated off road trails, you may still encounter hazards such as washouts, steep hills, and fallen trees on your journey. 

That is why it would be wise to use a vehicle with high clearance and a limited slip differential, if not a 4×4, such as the Jeep Wrangler. 

Also, some tools such as saws, or clippers would also come in handy when encountering fallen trees or branches.


An Algoma Crown land trip would provide ample possible locations for suitable camp sites. Whether you locate yourself on a secluded lake, river or a nearby fresh water spring, you will not be lacking options.  A review of the Cheaper Jeeper TV  Camping Playlist will give you some set-up ideas.

When camping, it is always enjoyable to celebrate the end of the day with your favourite cuisine. Some examples as shown below are, baked and grilled ribs by the fire, grilled steak over maple coals, Smokey’s on a Stick, and if you were to have luck fly fishing, freshly fried Brook Trout, a.k.a. Speckled Trout.


An Algoma Crown land trip would also provide you access to the many rivers and streams in the area on which to engage in some nice relaxed canoeing or kayaking. Be careful when picking your destination as the rivers and streams range from rapidly moving water to mellow slow moving water behind the many beaver dams in the region.

Fly Fishing

Enjoying the great outdoors is an obvious way to use your Jeep Wrangler. Many of you have possibly considered using your Jeep to get to some out of the way fishing spots.  The interview in the Tip Segment on this Cheaper Jeeper TV Algoma Crown Land Trip video, shares how you can investigate an inexpensive way to get introduced to the amazing sport of Fly Fishing. This would enable you to enjoy fishing for the amazing Brook, a.k.a. Speckled Trout.


An Algoma Crown land trip is an excellent way to provide you with many different ways to use your Jeep.  You can use your Jeep to drive off road on logging roads, set-up camp by any secluded lake or river, enjoy some canoeing when you get there, as well as do some fishing. You’ll be able to get to spots that you wouldn’t be able to with just a regular vehicle. Being on crown land also means that the only cost incurred by you was the price to get there, as you are able to camp on crown land for free.