Constructing Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

Building a Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform – Part 2

Building a Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform is a fairly easy undertaking when you realize that most of the cutting can be done to the plywood, at the point of purchase.

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This video, and this article explain the design of the Cheaper Jeeper TV Camping Sleeping Platform for the Jeep Wrangler JL.  This video and the following article explain how to construct it.


For starters, some basic dimensions from ¾” plywood must be cut first, followed by some cuts of detailed notches and cut-outs, to enable some pieces to interconnect.

Instructions for these are found below:

Have a ¾” sheet of plywood cut to the dimensions shown in the diagram below. The grey pieces will make up the platform top, and the yellow pieces will make up the underneath support pieces. 

Plywood cut measurements

From some scrap plywood material also cut the following underneath support pieces. 

Support Pieces & Cargo Leg

Cargo Legs and the Cargo Cross Pieces

Measure and perform the following cuts: 

  • 4.5” x ¾” notches on the 1 Cargo Cross Piece and 2 Cargo Legs to enable them to interconnect with each other
  • Corner notches on the same pieces to get around some carpet
  • 5  2”x3/4” notches on the Cargo Cross Piece for the 5 support pieces illustrated in the above diagram. 
Cargo Leg 1
Cargo Leg 2
Cargo Area Cross Piece

Front Cross Piece

Cut the notches into the front cross piece as per the diagram below.  The larger notches are to get around the head rests, and the 5 smaller ones are for the cross support pieces.

Front Cross Piece

Assemble all the underneath platform support pieces into the Jeep, as per image below.

Cargo Top Piece

Cut out the notches for the handle assembly and subwoofer for the Cargo platform piece, as per diagram below. The Cargo platform can further be cut, and still supported by the cargo legs at the 17.25” line on the diagram below, for those who wish the ability to lift the two different pieces, instead of the one larger piece. When sone, you can place the cargo platform piece on top of the support pieces.

60% and 40% Platform Pieces

The 60% and 40% pieces do not need further cutting and can be placed on the support pieces, along with the cargo piece, as per image below..

40% Mid Area
60% Mid Area
Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

Pillow Extension Pieces

Cut the pillow extension pieces to length as per diagram below. 

Pillow Pieces

Slide the front seats forward which will enable you to extend the support pieces to support the pillow extension pieces, as per image below.

Pillow Extension Pieces

Using the Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

With a all the pieces cut and interconnected, you can begin using the Cheaper Jeeper TV Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform. The pieces below the platform are interconnected and support the platform above. The platform pieces are small enough that they can be lifted to allow access to items stored beneath it. One can add hinges and brackets as they desire, or simply use the platform as is, lifting sections as needed, and utilizing the flexibility inherent in it’s design. The platform can be finished with a carper over it, paint, or varnish to allow for easy cleaning.

The internet has many examples of Jeep Camping Sleeping Platforms for your perusal. If this design is of interest to you, feel free to watch the Design, Construction, and Finishing Touches videos on CheaperJeeperTV.

Have fun Camping in your Jeep!