Campfire Ribs

Campfire Ribs

Campfire Ribs is an easy meal to prepare when out camping with friends. The recipe to follow is simple, and cleanup is minimal. This article and this video will review the Cheaper Jeeper TV Campfire Ribs recipe.

Ingredients for Campfire Ribs

Essentially, there are few ingredients required for this carnivor delight:

  1. 1 rack of pork side ribs, or as much as you need based on numbers
  2. Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste


It is helpful of course to have a healthy campfire going, and a campfire grill when planning to cook your campfire ribs.

  1. Cut your ribs into manageable portions, and season both side generously with salt, pepper and garlic powder
  2. Wrap each portion in foil
  3. Sit each portion near the fire to slowly bake while you and your mates have a drink and review the stories of the day
  4. When you’re hungry and ready to eat, place a cooking grate over the coals, and then remove the baked ribs from the foil and place them onto the grill
  5. Depending on your coals, carefully watch the grilling process to make sure you grill the tasty campfire ribs to perfection. The seasoned meat grilling over the coals will smell amazing at this point.
  6. When grilled to your liking, serve with any side, in this case brown beans, and enjoy.


This Cheaper Jeeper TV campfire ribs recipe will prove to be a delicious way to celebrate at the end of a great day wheeling, camping or fishing. You can save money by purchasing the ribs when they come on sale, and then freeze them.  The frozen ribs can take the place of cooler packs to keep your other items cold, until you’re ready to have your ribs.  You can watch how to make these ribs at this video.