DIY Cargo Area Metal Shelf Brackets

DIY Cargo Area Metal Shelf Brackets

DIY cargo area metal shelf brackets for a Jeep Wrangler are inexpensive and easy to make. There are many reasons that would make having a cargo area shelf handy. Commercially available units are very good, but are significantly more expensive, ranging between $200-$300(CDN).  Making a cargo area shelf with strong sturdy metal brackets is doable, and inexpensive. This article will describe the materials and instructions for you to follow, if you were interested in making a set for your Jeep Wrangler, and is further supported in this video. A cargo shelf would compliment the CheaperJeeperTV Camping/Sleeping Platform discussed in this previous article.

Materials List 

The DIY cargo area metal shelf brackets for a Jeep Wrangler materials list is quite basic:

  1. 1 piece of 1 ½” x 36” Slotted Galvanized Angle
  1. 2 pieces of ⅛” x 1” x 36” Flat steel bar
  1. 4 pieces of M8 1.25 bolts
  1. 6 pieces of 5/16” bolts, washers, and nyloc nuts
  1. 1 piece of ¾”Plywood cut to 18” x 42 ⅜” 

Tools Required

Likewise, the DIY cargo area metal shelf brackets for a Jeep Wrangler tools list is small and quite basic.

  1. Protective Eyewear
  1. A Hack Saw
  1. A Grinder or File
  1. A Drill and Drill Bits
  1. A ½” Socket and Wrench


The following set of instructions are also shown in this video. Other sizes or dimensions to the shelf and brackets are possible using the technique illustrated below, should you desire to change the shelf size or location. 

Before starting, remove two small plastic trim pieces on the each rear roll bar, illustrated in the image below. A firm pull will release the trim piece and it’s metal clips without causing damage.

Step 1. Cut and drill the metal pieces according to specifications shown in the diagram below. 

Step 2. Collect and orient the pieces according to the diagram below.

 Step 3. Insert the fasteners, as illustrated below, knowing that the M8 x 1.25 bolts are to screw into the two holes on the Jeep Wrangler’s roll bar, illustrated above.

Step 4. Once both metal brackets are bolted together, and installed, install the 18” x 42 ⅜” sheet of ¾” plywood, or whatever other option you prefer for a shelf.

Final Cost of the DIY Cargo Area Metal Shelf Brackets

After all is said and done the DIY cargo area metal shelf brackets for a Jeep Wrangler shown in this article will cost roughly $40(CDN). Depending if you have any shelving or plywood on hand, or if you wished to purchase shelving, then the cost will be slightly higher. Nonetheless, with the addition of a few eye bolts or drilled holes for fastening your cargo down to the shelf, the brackets will be secure and strong for prolonged use. With commercially available shelving ranging in cost between $200-$300(CDN), you could save yourself a lot of money with this job, leaving you more cash to buy more things for your Jeep!