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DIY Roofwing Awning Design

The following article is a description of the concept of the exclusive CheaperJeeperTV DIY Roofwing awning design, as seen in this video. By doing it yourself, it would also make this awning an inexpensive addition to your camping set-up. The concept is multi featured as you will read below, and easily constructed, as demonstrated in the next video and article. This awning concept is designed to be affordable, provide privacy, provide protection from the elements and other conveniences.

Intentions of the DIY Roofwing Awning Design

The intentions of the DIY Roofwing awning design are that it will be; i)  simple to construct as a DIY project, which will use readily accessible parts and tools,ii)  easy to set-up and taken down, iii) able to provide some benefits of batwing-type awnings, iv) less expensive in relation to other batwing-type awnings, and v) able to incorporate more additional conveniences than just a simple awning.

Intentions of the Roofwing Awning Design

Challenges of the Design

Some challenges in this design would be to determine; i) what to use and how to fabricate the wind-up mechanism and handle, such that most people can accomplish this task as a DIY., ii) what size tarp can roll up and fit into the 4” ABS tube, iii) how to incorporate additional 

conveniences, iv) all the hardware required to fabricate the awning, and v) how to do fabricate the awning as inexpensively as possible.

Challenges of the Roofwing Awning Design

General Description of the DIY Roofwing Awning Design

The basic premise of the DIY Roofwing awning design is that the awning is to be conveniently stored and erected from within a 4” ABS tube approximately 6-7” long. The awning is to be conveniently and easily unrolled, and rolled back up into it’s tube mounted on a roof rack. 

DIY Roofwing Awning Design ABS Tube

The awning can be installed and rolled in either direction of the vehicle. It can shade the roof as well.  It can be rolled out to as little or as full extent in the 6’ configuration rolled out of the tube as desired. It is also designed to unfold to a 12’ wide awning when extended to it’s full 16’ length. The configuration below illustrates how the DIY Roof Wing Awning is able to shade to the roof as well as about 10’ over the driver’s side, and 6’ over the rear, much like a batwing awning, but without the expense.

DIY Roofwing Awning Design Full Extent

Additional Conveniences

One additional convenience of the DIY Roofwing awning design is that the poles of the awning at the side of the vehicle can be moved closer, allowing the awning to drape over the poles. This would provide protection from the elements in the case of inclement weather. Furthermore, the awning in this configuration would also provide privacy from nearby campers, for things like getting dressed, or perhaps an outdoor shower.

DIY Roofwing Awning Design With Privacy Barrier

A second additional feature of the design is a drain spout is installed into the 4” ABS tube. This is done to address the fact that moisture may collect in the ABS pipe when the awning is rolled back into the tube, say in the morning when dew is present, or by rain. This provides the option of, while camping, storing water in the ABS tube to warm, and drain for washing(not for drinking). If one isn’t interested in this feature, they could simply drill drain holes into the bottom of the ABS pipe.

Water Spout in ABS of DIY Roofwing Awning Design


Overall, this roofwing awning design presents itself as a possible DIY awning project that would offer a less expensive alternative to commercial batwing-type of awnings. It offers some additional conveniences as well. If interested, look forward to the upcoming DIY Roofwing Awning construction article and video, and to saving some money…for more camping gear?

Stages of DIY Roofwing Awning Design