Essential off road gear

Essential Off Road Recovery Gear

This article, and this video illustrates what would be essential off road recovery gear for the beginners to the experts. The stages of acquisition of such gear is ordered into 4 stages. For the purpose of this article, we will accept the term of off road gear to be synonymous with recovery gear. Although we are all beginners at one point in time, when it comes to off roading, I’d be careful to claim the status of expert, as there is always something more to learn in this area.,  

Stages of Off Road Recovery Gear Acquisition

Stage 1

We’ve all gotten stuck before, be it in snow or mud. It was in these times, our use of a shovel and jack graduated us into Stage 1 of off road gear. It would be wise to acquire these items of essential off road recovery gear, as these simple items can get you out of some sticky situations when off road. These are inexpensive items, especially in contrast to the cost of a tow vehicle to come to your rescue

Stage 2

On My First Newbie Run with my local Jeep club, I quickly learned to appreciate the value of deflating your tires, and disconnecting your sway bar links to improve the off road experience. Thus, essential off road recovery gear such as a robust air compressor, and sway bar quick disconnects would go a long way to help make the experience better.  A good tire inflator would be helpful to inflate your tires at the end of the trail, and sway bar quick disconnects make it easy to reconnect the sway bar links at the end of the trip.  These items are fairly affordable, and can often be acquired on sale through most online retailers as well as possibly through Jeep club discounts.

Stage 3

When on the trail, far away from civilization, not having the ability to tow or be towed when stuck on an obstacle or in the mud, can make for a disastrous trip. Every off roader should make it their responsibility to have the following essential off road gear: tow straps, tree saver straps, snatch straps, and shackles to aid in potential recovery operations. Fortunately, these items can be found in cost saving prepackaged recovery kits. These items are more costly than the items in the first two stages, but once purchased on sale, you would end up having them for a long time. No to mention the savings you incur by not having to pay recovery vehicles to come fetch your vehicle back in the woods somewhere.

Stage 4

At this final stage of essential off road gear acquisition, a winch is required. This also necessitates the need for a mounting plate or steel bumper. A winch can be described as your get out of jail free card, when off roading.  A winch will allow you to extricate yourself or others from difficult situations, and offers diverse and flexible recovery options. A winch and steel bumper are expensive options, and realistically are best to obtain after the items in the first three stages.

Conclusion of Essential Off Road Recovery Gear

This list of essential off road gear for the beginners to the experts is not an extensive all encompassing list, but it does highlight stages of acquisition of some essential off road gear to get you on your way. Off road or recovery gear is the sort of thing where… you need it, before you need it!