How to Use 4 Low Off Road

How to Use 4 Low Off Road

This article will discuss strategies on how to use 4 low off road to get the most performance from your 4wd vehicle. Further illustrations of how to use 4 Low are also covered in this video. If you’re interested in how to use 4wd in a Jeep, including with Selec Trac, then the article at this link, and this video link will be of benefit.

Benefits of Using 4 Low Off Road

When off road there are times when you will benefit by having the transfer case set into 4 Low. An example of this is when you require a low gear setting to offer a lot of torque and power to move the vehicle up a steep incline, or to tow a heavy boat up a launch ramp for example. Essentially, when in 4 low, you will see the 4L on your display illuminated towards the left of your display, as in the image below indicates. The drive gear is also highlighted as D2.

How to Manually Change Gears in 4 Low Off Road

However, maintaining manual control of the gear you are in when in 4L, will allow you to shift the gear in which you are engaged to best meet your needs. For example, you may want to switch into 1st gear in 4L to go up a steep incline or help control your descent on a steep decline. Similarly, if your rate of speed can increase for your incline or descent, you can simply manually increase the gear and speed accordingly.

To manually obtain control of the gear you are in when in 4 Low, simply push the gear lever knob to the left, and you will observe the D indicator switch from being illuminated to the M, (for manual gear mode), indicator being illuminated. Note the + and – signs below and above the M.

This change will also be indicated in the display.

Once in manual control of the gears in 4 low mode, you simply need to push forward on the gear knob to go down a gear(-) or pull back on the gear knob to move up a gear(+).

Conclusion of How to Use 4 Low Off Road

Thus, knowing how to manually control the gear you are in when in 4 low, will allow you to move up or down in gears to exercise more control through off road obstacles and improve your off road experience.