Jeep air filter change

Jeep Air Filter Change, Wrangler JL, 3.6L

Changing your Wrangler JL cabin air filter, and the 3.6L engine air filter is just part of routine maintenance.  However, if you are driving your Jeep on back roads and trails, you would be prudent to check their condition well before the standard engine and cabin air filter change intervals. Knowing how to do your own Jeep air filter change will not only help you with this preventative maintenance item, but it will also help you save some money. This article, and this video, will illustrate the steps involved, and help you save money as well.

Wrangler JL Cabin Air Filter(mopar 68301863AA): 

Wrangler JL 3.6L Engine Air Filter(mopar 68257030AA): 

Jeep Air Filter Change: Cabin Air Filter

No matter which JL you have, changing the cabin air filter is the same process. The filter keeps the internal workings of your HVAC system of your Jeep clean, and also contributes to dust control in the Jeep. The latter of which may be a mute point for the hard core off-roaders.

The following steps will illustrate how easy it is to do this yourself. Knowing how to do this will encourage you to check it whenever you like to determine if it needs to be replaced or not.

The cabin air filter you need is (mopar 68301863AA).


1- Open the glove box, and release the dampener lever on the left side. This can be done by lifting on the lever near where its attached to the glove box until you hear it click, then slip it off the peg.

2-Press up on the tab at the back of the glove box to allow it to swing down.

3-Squeeze the two tabs together at the left of the cabin air filter housing cover to release the panel cover.

4-Reach into the filter box, squeeze it leftwards, to allow you to pull it out of the restrictive opening.

5-Insert the new filter, ensuring that the air flow arrows point downward.

6-Place the panel cover on the opening, and slide the tab on its right side towards the right to be seated properly, allowing the left tabs to click into place when pushed in.

7-Close the glove box, remembering to reattach the dampener on the left side.

Jeep Engine Air Filter Change for the 3.6L Pentastar

If you have the 3.6L Pentastar in your JL, the part number for the engine air filter is (mopar 68257030AA). Keeping your engine air filter clean will help your engine run properly and efficiently. As we observed in this Wrangler JL Fuel Efficiency video, you can enjoy great fuel economy with the 3.6L Pentastar, so it’s worth looking after the engine air filter. To check the condition or replace your engine air filter on the JL Wrangler with the 3.6L Pentastar, there are only a few simple steps that you need to follow:


1-You will need to have a ratchet, extension, and 8 mm socket

2- Loosen the clamp on the air box hose. Do not undo it, just loosen it a bit so you can slip off the air box. Then loosen the 4 air box screws. Do not unscrew them all the way out, just loosen them from the bottom of the air box, but leave them in the top portion.

3-Pull off the top portion of the air box, then inspect or remove the engine air filter.

4. Install a new engine air filter if required, then connect the top portion of the air box, to the air box hose by lining up the tab on the hose to the space on the neck of the box.

5. Tighten the four screws that are still in the top portion of the air box, into the lower portion of the air box.


By knowing how to inspect and change these air filters you will be ensuring the proper functioning of your HVAC and engine systems. Not to mention, saving money that you can spend on other things for your Jeep.