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Jeep Basic Brake Service

(As seen on CheaperJeeperTV)

A Jeep Basic brake service is something the conscientious Jeep owner can do themselves if it’s deemed necessary upon inspection. It can also be a task done regularly every spring, as part of an annual spring cleanup and maintenance routine.  It is easy to do, and makes for an easy way to save money and hassle.

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Materials for a DIY Jeep Basic Brake Service.

The tools, parts and torque specs are similar to what is required when you rotate your tires, as the tires must be removed to get access to the brakes to service.  In addition to those tools, a 13 mm lug nut, ratchet and small pick and brushes would also be required.  The lug nut will be needed to tighten the calliper bolts to 27 ft. lbs during the service, and a silicone based grease will be needed for the callipers, and synthetic brake grease for other parts of the clipper system will be needed.

The Components Involved in a Jeep Basic Brake Service

The image below shows a picture of a rear passenger Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara’s back brakes. It also has a graphic labelling all the basic components.

The next image illustrates which components on the brake system receive service during the Jeep basic brake service.

Essentially, as illustrated in the above diagram, during the Jeep basic brake service, the calliper pins are to be lubricated with a silicone based calliper grease, and the parts of the calliper that come into contact with the brake pads are to be lubricated with a synthetic grease.

Jeep Basic Brake Service Instructions (As seen on CheaperJeeperTV)

  1. Jack up the Jeep safely with a floor jack and secure the jeep with jack stands
  2. Remove the two calliper bolts to remove the calliper.
  3. Place or hang the calliper out of the way, being careful not to stretch or damage the brake line. 
  4. Remove the two calliper pins.
  5. Use a cloth to clean the two calliper pins, and the hole where the pins are inserted into the calliper.
  6. Apply a synthetic calliper grease in the two calliper boots and onto the two callipers.
  7. Reinstall the two cleaned and freshly lubricated calliper pins and boots into the holes of the calliper from which they were taken.
  8. Remove the two brake pads.
  9. Brush clean the two calliper slide brackets on which the pads slide.
  10. Apply a synthetic grease to the back sides and upper and lower ends of the brake pads, which make contact with the calliper.
  11. Reinstall the brake pads.
  12. Slide the calliper back onto the assembly.
  13. Reinstall the two 13 mm calliper bolts to a torque setting of 27 ft lbs.
Remove Calliper Bolts and Calliper
Remove and Clean Calliper Pins
Grease and Reinstall Calliper Pins
Remove Brake Pads and Clean Brackets
Grease Brake Pads and Reinstall
Attach Calliper and Reinstall Calliper Bolts


The Jeep Basic Brake Service is a simple process which involves only a few tools and materials. Doing this service as a proactive measure, will save you hassles in breakdowns, and money in brake repair and replacement costs