Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform Design – Part 1

A Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform built for the interior of your Jeep cargo bay is something that  might be more desirable than a tent for some. Staying off the ground, protected from the elements and animals does have it’s appeal. However, certain factors should be considered in it’s design, in order to make it functional and comfortable. Below is a list of considerations when planning to outfit your rig with a Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform.

Dimensions of the Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

The height of the platform is something to consider when looking at its design.  If the platform is high enough off the cargo bay floor, you can store camping gear underneath it. Also, with the front seats moved and tilted forward, the higher the platform, the more inches of length can be attained as well. The higher the platform, the longer you can make it’s length, and more storage capacity underneath it can be realized.

This would be a significant feature in the already too limited storage capacity of the Jeep.  Placing the platform too high however, would detract from its comfort by making it too awkward to sit up or get dressed for example.  So the height of the platform needs to be a balance between it’s ability to provide storage and comfort.

Material Selection of the Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

The nature and type of material used in the construction of the platform will have you balancing your decision between cost, weight and space requirements. A thicker heavier platform may require less space-consuming supports underneath it than say a thinner lighter platform material.  A plywood platform would be heavier but less expensive than a composite material for example.  A practical eye on these factors will be needed when making decisions on what materials to use.

Access to Storage

Given that one of the features in the platform design is it’s ability to afford more storage in the Jeep while offering a comfortable slumber option, access to said storage should be a feature in it’s design. For example, does one simply access the storage from the rear tail gate and side rear doors?  Convenience of access can simply be afforded by designing  access panels on the top of the platform, for example.

Surface Treatment of the Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform

When the platform is completed, some consideration should be made about how to treat the surface of the platform.  For example, some may wish to;

  1. Save money and not to do anything at all to the surface, as a foam pad will be placed on top of it anyway,  
  2. Paint or varnish the platform(assuming it’s made of plywood) in order to be able to protect and wipe it clean when required,
  3. Glue a matching automobile carpet on the surface of the platform to integrate it into the rest of the Jeep’s interior look, 

Whichever option you chose, each one has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and involves some form of additional cost that should be factored into the project. From my own point of view, anything that has a texture such as carpet or bed liner paint, will hold dirt more, and require more effort to clean.

Fasteners Required

Depending of the design of a Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform some fasteners, to keep it assembled may be required. The complexity of the design may impact this requirement and costs associated with the design.

The CheaperJeeperTV Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform Design

The CheaperJeeperTV platform design has the following features:

  1. 9” height of storage space beneath it, and 33” height of sitting-up comfort space above.
  1. It’s 4’ wide, by 5’11” long as designed( 6’1” possible),
Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform Plan
  1. It’s constructed from almost one single sheet of 3/4” pine plywood(~$50.00 CDN)
Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform Plywood Plan
  1. Has removable panels from the top for access to storage underneath
  1. Has integrating notches in the wood panels to hold and link elements of the platform together, which eliminates the need and costs for fasteners. If desired, fasteners can still also be used.
Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform Notches in Wood

Essentially, the entire CheaperJeeperTV Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform can be constructed for around $50.00.

The internet has many examples of Jeep Camping Sleeping Platforms for your perusal. If this design is of interest to you, feel free to watch the Design, Construction, and Finishing Touches videos on CheaperJeeperTV.

This video, and this article explain the construction of the Cheaper Jeeper TV Camping Sleeping platform for the Jeep Wrangler JL. 

Shortly after this initial design was shared, a modification of this concept for the “JK” model of the Wrangler was shared by Dieter at JK owners should be sure to check it out.

Have fun Camping in your Jeep!