Jeep Gift ideas: Father's Day - Any Day

Jeep Gift Ideas: Father’s Day – Any Day

Jeep Gift Ideas can be found conveniently online. Ideas are limitless and will range in price. However, it may require some advanced planning if you wish to take delivery of a gift by Father’s Day, given society’s challenges in the face of the COVID-19 virus. Essentially, the easiest way to get a Father’s Day Jeep Gift would be to order it online now, well in advance of Father’s Day, to ensure that it will be delivered in time. Understanding that, let’s look at some awesome Father’s Day Jeep gift ideas, so that you can decide what to get.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all content provided on this site and YouTube channel is Cheaper JeeperTV’s opinion and for educational and discussion purposes only. Seek a professional’s advice where appropriate for your vehicle.

Jeep Gift Ideas To Get

Let’s review some Jeep gift ideas in the space below.  Care has been made to order them by category from Jeep Care/Cleaning to Jeep DIY Tools & Products, and generally in order of least to most expensive. After reviewing the following ideas, you can review them as well as access links and price information on the CheaperJeeperTV Featured Products page. 

Jeep Gift Ideas for Care/Cleaning

LA’s Totally Awesome Degreaser

This is what I’d call a product that gives the best bang for the buck.  This product is available online, but can be purchased cheapest at The Dollar Tree, for $1.00(US), for a 1 litre bottle. This degreaser is an absolutely amazing all purpose cleaner and degreaser that can be used to remove stains and grime, as was demonstrated in the CheaperJeeper TV Engine Bay Cleaning video.

LA's TOTALLY Awesome

Microfibre Wash Mitt

A microfibre wash mitt, as seen on the left in the image below, is a handy item in any Jeep owner’s car cleaning arsenault. The microfibre wash mitt helps hold onto the soap and spreads it on the car minimizing the possibility of producing minor scratches like the synthetic wash mitt on the right in the picture below.

Micro fibre wash mitt

The Absorber Drying Towel and Microfiber Towels

As demonstrated in the Cleaning Your Jeep video, there is nothing, in my experience, that works better at drying your Jeep than the Absorber Drying towel. Microfibre towels are also useful in this regard, and I don’t know many people who would turn down some extra microfibre towels.

Drying Towels

Tire Dressing

There are many Tire Dressing products on the market, and at varying prices.  From my experience, the long lasting results, and ease of application of the Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tire Spray, makes it my go to tire dressing, as demonstrated in the Cleaning Your Jeep video. 

Tire Dressing

Rubber/Plastic Cleaning/Conditioning

If the the person who receives the following product has never used it before, they will definitely be using it from here on forward. The effectiveness of this product iis verified by many online reviews and by my own personal experience. Use and effectiveness of this product can be seen in the Cleaning Your Jeep and the CheaperJeeper TV Engine Bay Cleaning videos.   Any rubber or exterior plastics on your Jeep should be cleaned then treated with some type of Rubber/Plastic/Vinyl cleaning and conditioning product to minimize the degrading effect of the constant bombardment of the sun. The market is flooded with many products for this purpose, but the one all-purpose product I use, and it is supported by many Jeep, Auto, RV and Marine enthusiasts is 303 Aerospace Protectant.  

303 Aerospace Protectant

That’s the singular product that can meet your rubber/plastic/vinyl cleaning and conditioning needs. 

Paint Sealant

There are many waxes and sealants now on the market that help protect the finish and surface of your Jeep. One such product that is known for its ease of application and slippery finish is the P&S Beadmaker Paint Sealant, as demonstrated in the Cleaning Your Jeep video. Applied as a detailing spray, it ensures a protective coat and provides an amazing slippery shine.

P&S Beadmaker

Rail Dust Remover

Anyone who owns a white Jeep is familiar with rail dust. These are tiny particles of iron from the urban environment and brake components that get lodged into the paint’s finish.  These particles manifest themselves as orange rust spots “in” the paint finish that are almost impossible to remove. Expensive dedicated iron “rail dust” removal products are available on the market, however in true CheaperJeeperTV form, there is a less expensive option.  Meguiar’s ULTIMATE All Wheel Cleaner is chemically formulated to clean brake dust off of aluminum wheels, but also works very effectively at removing rail dust from your paint, as demonstrated in the Cleaning Your Jeep video.

Foam Cannon

A great Jeep gift idea would be a foam cannon. As demonstrated in the Foam Cannon Jeep Wash video, it is an amazing tool to help any Jeep owner perform a quick AND effective cleaning of their Jeep.

Foam Cannon

Car Wash Soap 

Car wash soap like Chemical Guys Mr. Pink are pH balanced to reduce any harm to your wax or any paint protection that may be on the Jeep. The added benefits to a car wash soap like Mr. Pink is that it is rated highly in online reviews, biodegradable, and foams up brilliantly, especially when used in a foam cannon. This is my go to soap when using my foam cannon as demonstrated in the Foam Cannon Jeep Wash video.

Car Wash Soap

Pressure Washer

At the expensive end of the Jeep gift ideas spectrum would be a pressure washer. Whichever one you were to choose, it would have to be able to produce enough gallons per minute to work with a foam cannon.  Online reviews of the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI with 1.7g GPM state that it works well with a foam cannon, but I do not have personal experience with it. 

Also shared online, is that should one already have a pressure washer that doesn’t emit up to 2 GPM, then the purchase of an inexpensive 1.1 mm pressure washer orifice to fit into the foam cannon may help produce foam from a less robust pressure washer.

Jeep Gift Ideas DIY Tools & Products

Drill Lug Nut Adapter

This in fact was a gift given to me, and I have found it immensely helpful for numerous DIY projects. For example, these adapters allow you to connect your sockets to a cordless drill to quickly remove lug nuts from your Jeep once they have been loosened, as seen in Basic Brake Service video.

Portable Air Compressor

Inexpensive portable air compressors would make a nice Jeep gift idea. I have an Inexpensive 12V model with a digital readout that provides an auto stop feature.  These are available online, and would come in handy when that pesky TPMS light comes on when those early winter extreme temperature changes arrive.  For off road duty, more robust air compressors would be necessary.

Rolling Mechanic Stool with Tray

A rolling mechanic stool with a tray is an excellent Jeep gift idea.  It saves the back by providing a spot to sit, and a tray to keep your lug nuts and wrenches from rolling down the driveway. 

Torque Wrench & Breaker Bar

Torque wrenches and a breaker bar would be a thoughtful gift for anyone who is considering, or does some of their own maintenance to their Jeep.  Tire rotations would go a lot smoother with a breaker bar to help easily loosen the lug nuts for example.  Torque wrenches would help when servicing brake caliper bolts, etc.

Oil Drain Valve

As seen in the Oil Change video, things can go a lot smoother using an oil drain valve. Although the Featured Products page shows a few varieties, the EZ Drain valve is the one I use and I am quite happy with the quality and performance. It was the least costly of options I was aware of at the time.

3 Ton Jack Stands

As far as Jeep gift ideas go, 3 Ton Jack Stands would always come in handy. Whether one is servicing brakes, or tending to some issue under the Jeep, you don’t want to just reply on the Scissor Jack to keep the Jeep up.

3 Ton Floor Jack

The OEM scissor jack will do in a pinch, but to do regular tire rotations or brake services, any Jeep owner would benefit by having a 3 Ton floor jack. It’s a great Jeep gift idea as it will make Jeep maintenance life so much easier.

Ratchet & Socket Set

Entering the realm of more costly Jeep gift ideas, are Ratchet and Socket Sets. Should you go that way, it’s helpful to know that the oil filter housing requires a 24mm socket, and the lug nuts require a 22mm socket.  Not all sets have those sizes.

Thus, the above list is an attempt to demonstrate the expanse and expense of various Jeep gift ideas, however it can never be complete.  A video of these products is available on CheaperJeeperTV, titled “Jeep Gift Ideas: Father’s Day – Any Day”, and any suggected Jeep Gift Ideas made below the video will also be posted in the space below. 

Happy shopping.

Suggested Jeep Gift Ideas from CheaperJeeperTV