Jeep Portable Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

Jeep Portable Camping Kitchen Chuck Box

A Jeep Portable Camping Kitchen Chuck Box is a convenient, portable camp kitchen option that has many advantages.  Although many designs are available to review online, the design is a very flexible, portable, functional, and of course…relatively inexpensive option. The Chuck Box is an excellent camping feature to accompany other CheaperJeeperTV camping systems,as discussed in the Sleeping Camping Platform, Awning System, and Cargo Shelf articles, and the Sleeping/Camping Platform, the Awning System, and cargo shelf videos.

The Design of the Jeep Portable Camping Kitchen Chuck Box

Essentially the Chuck Box starts out as a box that is 1’ tall, 1.5’ deep and 2.5’ wide.

When deployed, it reveals storage platforms made from the box top, a side flap, and front covers flipped open.

The door that opens on the left allows for item storage, and supports the large box lid platform.  The shelves shown in white in the above diagram can be adjusted before assembly to account for various camping stove sizes.  The legs can be made with wood, or left over conduit pipe from the awning design project. The design also allows for space to store the legs when the box is closed up.  The colors of the components in the above diagram correspond to the areas mapped out on the ½” plywood piece below.

Depending on one’s construction methods, some adjustment to the piece sizes may be necessary.

Pros & Cons of the Jeep Portable Camping Kitchen Chuck Box

InexpensiveCan be heavyish

Finishing Touches

The Chuck Box can be finished in a variety of ways. I chose to varnish the inside, and use exterior paint on the outside.


Ultimately, having a Chuck Box allows for the ease and convenience of having a Camp Kitchen, but the portability allows for some other conveniences, and it is much less expensive than some in-vehicle mounted drawer systems.  The mobe=ney saved can be used to buy other things for your Jeep or some more camping equipment.