no refrigeration required camping meal

No Refrigeration Required Camping Meal

When camping, refrigeration of food is an important consideration. However, after a few days, the limitations of space and duration available for food refrigeration become apparent.  Your fresh food options will run their course. Whatever solutions you apply, they will inevitably involve more hassle, space and money to resolve. This article, and this video will offer an example of how you can enjoy a no refrigeration required camping meal.

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The No Refrigeration Required Camping Meal

Essentially, the no refrigeration camping meal is one whose ingredients do not require refrigeration.  You can find preprocessed expensive freeze dried meal options at your outdoor outlets, but the meal example below is better tasting, less expensive and made of whole ingredients without names of chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Linguini With Clam Sauce Recipe, A No Refrigeration Required Camping Meal


~ ¼ – ⅓ cup of live oil,

~ 3-4 cloves of garlic, or ~ 3-4 tsp of chopped garlic

~ ½ cup of black or green olives(optional)

~ dried chili pepper flakes, to taste

~dried or fresh parsley, to taste

~ salt & pepper, to taste

~grated parmesan cheese, to taste

~ 1 can of baby clams

~ Linguini noodles, ½ 500g package for two people



  1. For two people, boil your ½ package, ~ 250 grams of linguini or noodle of your joice.


  1. Simmer the chopped garlic and oil in a frying pan, on low to medium heat, to infuse the garlic flavour in the oil. Be sure to just warm, NOT burn the garlic
  2. Add chilli flakes to taste. Doing so in the simmering stage brings out the flavour
  3. Stir in the black or green olives (optional)
  4. Empty the entire contents of the Baby Clams
  5. Simmer briefly to allow the flavours to blend
  6. Add about a cup of the pasta water to the sauce to liquify it to desired consistency. Add some, as the noodles will absorb some of the liquid of the sauce and it will get dry otherwise.
  7. Drain the water from the pasta pot, or add the pasta to the sauce pan, and stir together.
  8. Add seasoning and grated parmesan to taste, and serve.


Ultimately, Linguini with Clam Sauce is the perfect no refrigeration required camping meal. For little money and hassle, you can enjoy this delicious meal as a back up when your refrigeration or fresh food options run their course.