Ardbeg Trail

The Ardbeg Trail – An Introduction

The Ardbeg Trail is a popular off road trail located on Crown Land, about 42 km NE of Parry Sound Ontario. How to get there and features along the way are discussed in this article, and in this video. Learn about possible Crown land camp sites for those interested in camping when visiting the Ardbeg Trail.

Directions to the Ardbeg Trail

One simply needs to take Hwy 400 north to Parry Sound, then take Hwy 124 east and head north on Lorimer Lake Rd(Bunny Trail Rd) to Hwy 520. Once you reach Hwy 520, turn westward to reach Ardbeg. Once in Ardbeg, Hwy 520 turns right, and ends at Clear Lake Road. Simply Follow Clear Lake Rd to the Ardbeg Trail Head. You’ll know you are there when you reach Black Lake, and you will note the Hydro lines under which the Ardbeg Trail runs north, and south.

Crown Land Camping Locations When Getting to the Ardbeg Trail

Many Ardbeg Trail users set up camp at Black Lake for the duration of their visit. With some exploring, one can find many other campsite opportunities in the area. For example, it doesn’t take too much effort to observe potential campsites just along the way from Ardbeg to the Trail head. 

Camp Site Example 1 – Tent Worthy

For example, the camp site located at 45º38’17”N   80º8’12”W has a level area on which to park your vehicle, and then a spot to pitch a tent further inland. The site has a fire pit and a nice view of a small water body.

Camp Site Example 2 – Trailer Worthy

Alternatively, the camp site located at 45º38’27”N   80º8’31”W is a large long site by the side of the road that has a lovely forest behind it.  This site would be suitable for someone with a trailer.

Camp Site Example 3 – Sleep in Jeep Worthy

With a little more observation along the route, other sites can be located such as Example 3 at 45º38’33”N   80º8’52”W.  At this site, you would be able to drive your Jeep further back from the road to pitch a tent, or sleep in your Jeep. The site has a large enough flat area, a fire pit, and view of a lovely water body.

Camp Site Example 4 – Group Camping Worthy

Finally, at 45º38’33”N   80º8’52”W, is a clearing at the side of the road, with lovely wide open views, a fire pit, and enough open land for anyone with a group of Jeeps, looking for a spot on which to camp together.

Camp Site Example 5 – Black Lake, The North and South Ardbeg TrailHead

Ultimately, one of the best places to set up a campsite would be at Black Lake, which is where you can either embark on the South Ardbeg Trail, or North. Many sites are available around the shore, and some in the trees as well.

Conclusion of The Ardbeg Trail – An Introduction

Ultimately, one can rest assured that if you were thinking of going off roading to the Ardbeg Trail, you will likely find a suitable spot on Crown land on which to camp. If looking for more information on Finding Crown Land on Which to camp, consider looking at this article, and this video.

Special Note

At Black Lake there is a sign posted which states that the site is not maintained, and users are directed to respect the environment, and practice low impact use. The sign even lists some examples of what that would look like.

If you go off roading to the Ardbeg Trail, or any trail for that matter, please DO Respect the Environment and Practice Low Impact Use. Don’t be the person who left their garbage behind, as in the image below. Please… “Don’t be that person!”