Transfer Case & Differential Oil Changes

Transfer Case and Differential Oil Changes

Transfer Case and Differential Oil Changes are an important and regular part of the Jeep Wrangler’s maintenance schedule. The rotation imparted on the drive shaft by the engine and transmission is managed through gears in the transfer case, and subsequently through gears in the rear and front differentials to move the Jeep. Lubrication and regular changing of the oil in these systems will keep them running properly and for a long time.

Similarities in Transfer Case and Differential Oil Changes

There are some similarities in the transfer case and differential oil changes procedure. Essentially, the fill and drain bolts are removed to evacuate the old oil, then the drain bolt is reinserted, and the transfer case or differentials are refilled with new oil, up to the fill hole. Detailed instructions, identifying the tools and procedure are covered in this video.


Some differences in the transfer case and differential oil changes procedure are the type of oil used in each gear system, and the transfer case has different fill and drain bolts.

Different Jeep Wranglers can have different axles with different options, so one should check with the dealer to ensure you are selecting the proper grade oil for your transfer case and differential oil changes.

Cost Savings

The following table is a sample breakdown of the part numbers, costs, grade of and amount of oil for the rear and front differentials, and the transfer case for a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, with the Limited Slip Differential, that is also used to tow a small trailer.

What is evident in the graphic is the significant cost savings realized when this work is done as a do-it-yourself proposition. What also becomes apparent is the satisfaction that comes from looking after your own Jeep…but saving over $400.00 feels good too!

If you would be interested in saving up to $400 on maintenance costs on your Jeep, you may want to watch this video which reviews the actual process of changing the oil of the transfer case and differentials in a Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara.