Wrangler JL Parking Brake Adjustment

Wrangler JL Parking Brake Adjustment

In all vehicles, over time the parking brake cable stretches and needs to be adjusted. This article will address the Jeep Wrangler JL parking brake adjustment  required from the stretch of said cable. Wear of the parking brake shoes is a different procedure and not addressed in this article. The Wrangler JL parking brake adjustment is also viewed in this video.

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Accessing the Wrangler JL Parking Brake Adjustment Mechanism

Accessing the Wrangler JL parking brake adjustment mechanism can be done in two ways. One way is extensive and involves removing the entire center console completely. A simpler way, as will be described below, will be done by removing only 4 bolts, and simply raising the rear of the center console to adjust the parking brake mechanism. Also, as seen in this video.

Remove the Four External Bolts of the Console

Find the four external bolts located at each corner of the center console. Two are on the front and rear of the console on the driver’s side, and the other two are on the passenger’s side. Remove the plastic cover with a flathead screwdriver, panel tool or pic. Then remove the bolt using a 10 mm socket.

Raise the Rear Of the Centre Console to Access The Adjustment Mechanism

Once the four bolts at the side of the center console are removed, simply lift the rear of the console to access the adjustment mechanism.

The adjustment mechanism is made of two parking brake cables that attach to a bracket which can be adjusted by turning the center bolt, as seen below,  in a clockwise direction. 

Having a deep 10 mm socket and ratchet with an extension will help in this regard.

After turning the adjustment bolt clockwise a couple turns, test the looseness of the parking brake handle, when put down, in the released position. You don’t want to make the cable too tight, as this will engage the parking brake with the handle in the released position.  Pull up on the parking brake handle, about 7 clicks and let it stay that way for about a minute, then test again for any slack by releasing it into the disengaged position. If there is any slack after this, adjust the bolt to take up any slack.  Once the hand brake handle is not sloppy or loose, you can reinstall the four outer bolts and caps on the centre console.


This DIY Wrangler JL parking brake adjust procedure requires few tools, can be easily done in little time, and can save you some money.  The money saved can go towards some other things you’ve been eyeing for your Jeep.