Wrangler JL Rear Seat Removal

Wrangler JL Rear Seat Removal

The Wrangler JL rear seat removal can be done for a few reasons, and it is a relatively simple process. Models such as the Sahara, which have the additional gap cover flap, require an additional step to the process and this is covered in the instructions below, and in this video.

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Reasons for the Wrangler JL Rear Seat Removal

There are a few reasons why some people would like to remove the rear seats on their Jeep Wrangler: 

  1. To install a Rear Seat Tilt Kit.  Depending on the brand, rear seat tilt kits will require removal and/or loosening of rear seat bolts in order to insert the shims. 
  2. To provide increased cargo carrying capacity. In this application, there are commercially available platforms to provide a flat surface over the footwell area.
  3. To install Jeep Camping Sleeping Platforms, such as the one designed on Cheaper Jeeper TV.

Instructions for the Wrangler JL Rear Seat Removal

A video on Cheaper Jeeper TV is available that demonstrates the Jeep Wrangler rear seat removal process.

To provide an idea of the big picture, the image below shows where all the anchor points are, or where bolts must be removed as part of the Jeep Wrangler JL back seat removal process.

It is recommended that if you plan to leave the rear seat out for a period of time, that you reinstall the bolts, as the holes are open to the underside of the tub, and water can possibly get into the Jeep.

Rear Seat Removal Bolt Locations

Step 1.  If your model has a gap cover flap, use a leverage tool, or claw of a hammer to pry off the gap cover flap. This can be done by wedging the claw of the hammer between the flap and the metal plate beneath it and then lifting the gap cover free of the alligator pins which connect the plate to the tabs in the gap cover.

Rear Seat Gap Cover and Alligator Clips
Removal of Gap Flap

Step 2.  Remove the two nuts and one bolt now visible behind the rear seat, using an 18 mm socket. Also remove the metal plate with the alligator clips if your model included the gap cover. Use needle nose pliers to bend down the teeth of the alligator clips to permit easy reinstallation of the plastic tabs of the gap cover later.

Removal of Rear Bolts of Rear Seat

Step 3. Using the 18 mm socket, remove the four bolts of the front legs of the rear seat.

Removal of Front Bolts of Rear Seat

Step 4. Use rope or some cord to hold up both sections of the rear seat to allow access to the rear seat bolts and two seat belt bolts located underneath, at the back.

Removal of Under seat bolts at the Back

Step 5. There is a bracket that joins the 60% and 40% portions of the seat. A zip tie must be removed, and the 15mm bolt that secures one of the seat belts must be removed to free the seat belt harness. This will allow you to folt both sections of the rear seat up, to provide easy removal.

Removal of Seat Belt Bolt at Bracket

Step 6. Tie up the two sections of the rear seat and lift it out of either the side door or rear hatch opening.

Tie Up Rear Seat to Lift out of Side or Rear Door openings.

Step 7. Reverse the steps to reinstall the rear seats, using the following torque specs.

Second row seat back bolts33 ft. lbs.
Second row seat bolts47 ft. lbs.
Second row seat feet bolts47 ft. lbs.
Second row seat nuts52 ft. lbs
Second row seat pivot nuts14 ft. lbs.
Source: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/complete-torque-values-for-jeep-jl-wrangler/


The Jeep Wrangler JL back seat removal is a relatively simple process. It requires little more than a couple of hand tools. With the rear seat removed you have a significant amount of cargo carrying capacity. You can level off the floor at the footwell area with commercially available products by SpringTail Solutions and GoosGear. You can also install a DIY platform. If you’re thinking of removing the rear seat to use your Jeep for camping purposes, be sure to check out the Jeep Camping Sleeping Platform Design on CheaperJeeperTV.