Wrangler JL Rear Seat Weight

Wrangler JL Rear Seat Weight

The Wrangler JL rear seat weight is not a statistic easily located in any Jeep Wrangler manual, or on any Jeep Wrangler Forums. Believe me, I tried.  This interesting tidbit of information became relevant to me when I constructed the Cheaper Jeeper TV Camping/Sleeping Platform. Knowing that any actions I took to equip and prepare my Jeep for camping would have an impact on overall weight and performance of my Jeep, I just wanted to be on top of my camping build efforts, because I know that at some point someone will ask me, “Well how much does everything way now?”  So after much searching online for the answer, I decided to just Remove the Wrangler JL Rear Seat, and weigh it myself. This article will review the process and discuss its relevance with respect to the installation of the Camping/Sleeping platform, and is also covered in this video.

Steps in Determining the Wrangler JL Rear Seat Weight

Upon removal of the rear seat, I proceeded to carry it, and stand on a scale to register the total weight of the seat, plus my own body weight. Together, the total weight came to 257.6 lbs.  Subtracting my weight of 162.0 lbs, leaves the remaining seat weight at 95.6 lbs. 

When this information is taken into account in relation to the install of the Camping/Sleeping platform, the numbers are actually quite encouraging.  When the 95.6 lb rear seat is removed, and the Camping/Sleeping platform is installed, the Jeep is still at least 35.6 lbs lighter as a result. Not to mention that the removal of the rear seat also provides more storage space. This means there is still a net balance of almost 40 more pounds of extra camping gear I can include without making the Jeep any heavier.


Although this is peanuts in relation to the total weight after all my camping gear is packed, it is helpful to be cognizant of the weight concern at every step of the planning and packing process. Once awnings, canoes, and other gear enter the picture, you’ll at least know you tried not to let things get out of hand in that regard.